6 readings to inspire your next two-wheeled getaway in the Madrid region

21 August 2020

In summer there is always room to open that book we’ve been wanting to start for the rest of the year. Literature about real or fictitious adventures on two wheels or guidebooks with new routes to discover are indispensable companions during the summer season for bicycle enthusiasts like us.

Below, we share with you the CiclaMadrid Association Selection with six of the readings that we like the most about our territory. Novels, essays and route guides that we hope will inspire your next getaway through the Madrid Region. In addition, the last two recommendations will make you go from paper… to action in our region!

Novelas para viajar con la bicicleta del pasado

Bici! Toro!: A poet on a bicycle, written by Edouard de Perrodil. A classic that could not be missing in this selection. The bicycle journey of two young men who set out to make the first documented trip Paris – Madrid in the 19th century. Nothing special… except that in those days bicycles had no gears and a backpedal brake, among other features! A book with endless adventures, a journey through the costumbrismo of the time and with an epic and burlesque tone with which you will have fun reading.

My beloved bicycle, by Miguel Delibes. A beautiful novel written by Delibes in 1988 that tells the story of the author’s life through his beloved bicycle. Symbolism and memories in story format that reveal some of his great moments, such as when he first kept his balance, his tricks to dodge guards and how the bicycle was his essential companion to live an unforgettable courtship without thinking about distances.

Ensayos para reflexionar y formar parte de la transición a dos ruedas

Biciosos, by the writer from Madrid Pedro Bravo . An essay in two-way conversation format between the author and the reader, through questions and reflections aloud on the use of bicycles in today’s society and the change of values it promotes. A light and entertaining work with a humorous and ironic tone for summer evenings, perfect if you like to read and get lost in your thoughts at the same time.

The silent revolution. The bicycle as an engine of change in the 21st century, by Dani Cabezas . A reading to dive into the history of the bicycle from its origins in the eighteenth century with the original Draisiana to the present day. Symbol of revolution in the bourgeoisie of the time or of freedom and women’s emancipation, the bicycle has been and always will be much more than a method of transportation. Today it continues to add revolutions as it has become a fundamental tool in the fight against climate change.

Rutas por la Comunidad de Madrid para inspirar tu próxima escapada

The Cañada Real Soriana as it passes through Madrid, a guide by Hilario Villavilla and Jesús Sánchez. With this practical guide you will have all the necessary information to discover the 30km of the Cañada Real Soriana Oriental that runs through Madrid. You will learn about the transformation of the landscape through human actions and its importance as an ecological corridor with every pedal stroke.

The Cañada crosses the municipalities of Fuentidueña de Tajo, Valdaracete, Estremera and Brea de Tajo, which makes it very interesting to link with the CiclaMadrid territory of the region of Las Vegas del Tajo.

Madrid by bike: 50 routes for all levels, from Bernard Datcharry and Valeria H. Mardones. Finally, we could not say goodbye to this selection without recommending this fabulous practical guide. A great help to plan your next cycling trips, with very complete information by regions and easy to use so that, together with the routes proposed by the CiclaMadrid Association, you can enjoy cycling throughout the territory.

You can find an excerpt of the free guide in PDF format here.

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