6 great books to inspire your next cycling getaway in the Madrid Region

21 August 2020

Summer is the best time of the year to open that book you always wanted. Fill out your holiday reading list with fiction and nonfiction cycling reads than span from comical two-wheel adventures, critical thinking and informative cycling guides. You will not spend a dull afternoon!

We want to share with you the Asociación CiclaMadrid Book Selection 2020 that covers six of the best readings about our destination. A list of novels, essays and travel guides to inspire your next cycling trip to the Madrid Region. Keep reading until the end to find out two of the best guides to discover our region in two wheels!

Fantastic novels to time travel into the past with a vintage bicycle 

¡Bici! ¡Toro!: Un poeta en bicicleta, by Edouard de Perrodil. A classic read that could not be missing in this selection! The book tells the journey of two French friends aiming to make the first documented Paris – Madrid cycling trip in the 19th century. Nothing special … apart from travelling with a fixed-gear bike that had coaster breaks, among other features! Enjoy this epic journey where you will also discover curiosities of the French and Spanish culture of the time, in a fun and entertaining way. 

Mi querida bicicleta, by Miguel Delibes. A beautiful novel written by Delibes in 1988 that tells the author’s life through his beloved bicycle. Symbolism and memories in a story that reveals some of the author great moments. You will read about Delibes’ first attempt to balance on his bike, his tricks to avoid guards when he was young and free and how the bicycle was key to live a wonderful love story.

Reflective essays to rethink the role of the bicycle in today’s society

Biciosos, by the Madrilenian writer Pedro Bravo. A very well-presented two-way conversation book between the author and the reader, using a variety of questions and critical thoughts about the use of bicycles in today’s society. This is a Reflective essays to rethink the role of the bicycle in today’s society. This is a light and entertaining work, but also humorous and ironic that makes it perfect for summer afternoons. Particularly if you like to read and lose yourself in your thoughts at the same time!

La revolución silenciosa. La bicicleta como motor de cambio en el siglo XXI, by Dani Cabezas. A reading to immerse yourself in the history of the bicycle from its origins in the 18th century, with the original Draisiana, to the present day. The bicycle has always been more than a method of transport, becoming a symbol in the Bourgeois Revolution or pivotal point to promote women empowerment in the past. Today, its main revolution is to lead the way in the fight against climate change.

Best guide routes to inspire your next getaway in the Madrid Region

La Cañada Real Soriana a su paso por Madrid, a guide by Hilario Villavilla and Jesús Sánchez. With this practical guide you can have all the information you need to discover the 30km of the Cañada Real Soriana Oriental that runs through Madrid. You will learn about the transformation of the landscape through human actions and its importance as an ecological corridor with each pedal stroke.

La Cañada can be found in the municipalities of Fuentidueña de Tajo, Valdaracete, Estremera and Brea de Tajo, which makes it very interesting to link with the CiclaMadrid territory of the Las Vegas del Tajo region.

Madrid en bicicleta: 50 rutas para todos los niveles, by Bernard Datcharry and Valeria H. Mardones. We could not finish the selection without recommending this fantastic how-to cycling guide for the Madrid Region. A great help to plan your next cycle trip in Madrid, where you can find key route information by region explained in a very handy way. Become an expert of cycling in Madrid with this guide and the routes proposed in Asociación CiclaMadrid!

You can find an excerpt from the free guide in PDF format here.

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