Cyclotourism: what is it and what types are there?

13 December 2023

Are you bored doing things the same as everyone else?


You are on the same wavelength as us.

We go beyond conventions even in the way we move.

We’re all about cyclotourism.

Okay… the name doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

But let me tell you something:

  1. Cyclotourism is more than just taking the bike to see cool places.
  2. It is to laugh and enjoy on two wheels.
  3. It is choosing a means of transportation that fits your values.
  4. It’s discovering incredible places you never knew you had so close.

Get on our bike because we have a complete itinerary coming up:

  • We tell you what is cycle touring and why it’s so cool.
  • We tell you the types to see which one suits you best.
  • We find out where you can practice it and everything you need to know.

Join us!

What is cycle touring and why you’ll love it (if you don’t already do it)

This is the RAE definition of cyclotourism:

“Modality of tourism in which the bicycle is used as a means of transport”.

Quite clear.

Although ours is cooler:

“Cyclotourism is to get your family and friends to take the bike and accompany you to discover the coolest places”.

You take the bike, move around and have a few laughs.

You discover landscapes, bars, restaurants, villages, monuments…


Let’s be clear: why should you be cool with it (if you don’t practice it yet)?

  • It gives you time to do more things than if you walk to places.
  • It is more economical than moving by car or other means of transportation.
  • It is an environmentally friendly means of transportation (you contribute to reduce CO2 emissions and breathe cleaner air).
  • Economic development aid for rural areas (there is life beyond the capital).
  • You get to know places that you can’t access in any other way (because they are far away on foot or public transportation doesn’t reach them).
  • You have freedom of schedule to go wherever you want whenever you want.
  • You don’t think if you don’t feel like it because you have organized trips with recommendations of routes, bars, restaurants, accommodations and tourist attractions.

Cyclotourism is for people who think and act differently.

The importance of sustainable tourism: laugh, have fun and travel with a conscience

One of our mottos is this:

“Enjoy with awareness to enjoy tomorrow”.

Yes, at CICLAMADRID we are a lot of fun.

We love to play sports, travel, eat and have fun.

But never at the expense of others.

We believe that the better we treat the planet, the rural areas and the environment, the better time we will have.

And we make sure that we can continue to enjoy new adventures in the future.

Think differently. Act differently. Live differently.

That’s why we are fans of sustainable tourism:

  • Creates employment in towns and rural areas (reducing poverty and reactivating these territories).
  • It slows down the rural exodus (big cities are about to explode because everyone is moving there).
  • It offers a greater cultural and activity variety (it’s a drag to do what everyone else is doing).
  • It contributes to the preservation of nature and rural areas (they receive more money that they can invest in taking care of their infrastructures, monuments, green areas, etc.).
  • Reduces environmental impact and pollution.
  • It promotes much more diverse values.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Cycling as a sport: an adventure to suit you

For us, bicycle touring is a way of life.

But it is also an ideal way to practice sport.

If you are a bicycle lover, it invites you to discover new routes, towns and places you didn’t know.

If you have a hard time with sports but you feel like moving, having fun with your people or simply making plans that involve getting off the couch or out of the bar chair, cycling is also your move.

You don’t have to travel long distances to have a good time.

You choose the adventure: the destination, the miles, the company and even the bars you visit.

What types of cyclotourism are there: find out which is right for you

We said it at the beginning: do it your way.

There are several types of tourism and you live it as you wish.

Overnight cycling tours

If you want to spend the night out, you have several options:

  • Self-sufficient or saddlebag cycling: you carry what you need like a snail (food, toiletries, camping, etc.). Ideal for adventurers and expert cyclists.
  • Light cycling: take a backpack with water. We take care of the rest so you don’t have to carry a heavy load.
  • Assisted cycling: as above, but accompanied by a support vehicle for breakdowns and emergencies. Ideal for clubs and organized trips.
  • Long distance cyclotourism: for the most cracks and those who have more time.

Overnight cycling

Not everyone has as much time as they would like.

You might want to take advantage of your weekends or days off.

And it is dabuti.

You also have a choice:

  • Rodadas: the most chill option of all. You go at your own pace, to enjoy and discover the surroundings.
  • Marches: it is not a competition, but it is a good option if you want to give it a little more of a push.

Where to go cyclotouring and our favorite destinations

To the point:

You can practice cyclotourism with us in the whole community of Madrid.

  • Madrid city.
  • Sierra del Guadarrama (El Escorial, Manzanares El Real…).
  • Sierra Norte (Braojos de la Sierra, Lozoya, Torrelaguna…).
  • Sierra Oeste (Navas del Rey, El Álamo…).
  • Region of Las Vegas del Tajo and Tajuña (Aranjuez, Colmenar de Oreja…).
  • Other areas of the community (Aljalvir, Algete or Nuevo Baztán).

From 2019, in the Madrid Cycle Tourism Product Club Association we want to give a boost to cycle tourism so that you can get to know the community in a different way.

How to prepare for cycle touring

If you come with us, you don’t have to prepare much.

We can take care of almost anything.

This is what we do:

  • Organized trips of 1 day, 2 days or more.
  • Urban routes, by road, on trails, more touristic or for families.
  • Bike rental.
  • Bike repair.
  • Cyclotourism guides for you to learn too.
  • People transfer services.
  • Luggage transfer services.

You choose your adventure.

Come with us and have a great time.

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