Silver Mine of Indiano and Mine Tower

Silver Mine of Indiano and Mine Tower

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The mine was exploited until the end of the 19th century, but it conserves a good part of the vestiges of the underground works of the XVII and XVIII centuries, among which is La Torre del Indiano, built in the 17th century and declared a Cultural Interest in 1983 , true sign of identity of this mine. This small circular tower was the first stop of the ore on the way to the foundry.

In the exterior, a small window looks towards the town and in its interior still the remains of a great wheel to crush the mineral are conserved. In the outer part of the mine have been installed informative panels that explain each of the elements that make up the mining and industrial complex. To visit the area outside the mine you can start the route in the parking lot of the municipal soccer field. There we find a large roof panel that tells the history of the mine and reports the tour. From this point there is a well signposted road that leads to the Indian tower and the foundry in less than a kilometer. The road continues to a fork where you can choose between accessing the mine entrance and the vestiges of the exploratory activity of the 20th century or climbing to the upper wells where, in addition to observing arsenopyrite outcrops, the traveler can enjoy a of the best views of the Sierra de Guadarrama.

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