How to prepare for your spring bike rides: tips to do before, during and after

13 December 2023

We love spring.

It is the ideal time for cycling because there are more daylight hours, the temperature is better and even people are in a better mood.

If you are one of those who leave your bike in a corner in winter, this is the perfect time to dust it off and wake up.

Don’t you think it sounds great to go out on the road to disconnect, discover new places and have a fun time with your family and friends?

We think it’s a great plan.

However, spring is also a time when you should take some precautions that we would like to tell you about:

  • The weather is changeable and you have to choose the right clothes to get it right, without getting hot or cold.
  • This season invites you to go out more and you should be well prepared to avoid injury.
  • Not all itineraries are suitable for spring, so we present you the most suitable ones.

Get ready to roll.

What to do to choose the right clothes in spring and not get hot and cold

Spring is a complicated time.

First thing in the morning, you freeze.

However, from midday onwards it is scorching hot.

The point is, you just don’t know how to get it right anymore, do you?

Well, here are some recommendations for not being loaded with thousands of clothes and pedaling at ease (without being cold or hot in this changeable weather).

The 3-layer theory: our tips for choosing what to wear when traveling by bike in the springtime

At this time of the year the only option is to combine different layers.

This way you don’t get cold in the morning and hot at noon.

We advise you to follow the 3-layer theory:

  1. Wear a tight-fitting T-shirt that wicks away perspiration to stay dry. It can be short or long sleeved, depending on the cold (we advise you to check the weather). This is called base layer.
  2. Bring a second layer to keep you warm and provide warmth. It can be a jacket, sweatshirt, fleece or long-sleeved T-shirt.
  3. Put a last layer that has an insulating function so that you will not be affected by rain or air. You can add an accessory such as a neck brace or a vest.

It is important that the clothing is easy to fold for easy removal.

If you are going to do a route with long uphill or downhill periods, we recommend that you put on and take off layers before starting these periods.

The reason?

On uphill slopes you tend to sweat and get hot. However, you may be left cold when lowering them afterwards.

Man prepared with different layers of clothing for spring cycling route.

Recommendations for before, during and after the bike trip

In spring you may ride your bike more often or for longer periods of time. It may even be the time when you start pedaling again after some time off.

Therefore, you should follow these recommendations (some of them will prevent injuries and accidents).

We keep rolling!

#1 Before the trip: remember to warm up and stretch to prevent injuries.

Your hips, back and legs work continuously when you pedal.

Therefore, it is important to warm up and stretch beforehand to avoid injuries.

Here are some ideas:

  • Squats to mobilize your hamstrings.
  • Push-ups to activate your extensor muscles.
  • Cross one leg over the other and stay balanced.
  • Split or wide forward stride.

#2 During the trip: start slowly, stay visible and regulate your temperature.

After warming up, comes the fun part: enjoying your route.

And if you can follow these tips, even better:

1. Start slowly so that your muscles are activated little by little. You will avoid injuries and early fatigue.

2. Stay visible with these tips to avoid accidents:

  • Go out during the day and in well-lit areas.
  • Stay indoors on foggy days.
  • It has a front white light and a rear red light (required by law).
  • Dress in bright colors and wear a reflective vest (this is also mandatory).

3. Regulate the temperature according to your needs. Stopping to change clothes if you are hot or cold is more important than breaking a record. Whenever the route allows, stop for a moment to put on or take off layers.

#3 After the trip: stretch and store everything.

It is important not to stop in the dry after the trip.

Walk, move and stretch to avoid injury before sitting.

And when you get home, don’t leave everything lying around thinking “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

The next day you will be more lazy to put your gear away and put the washing machine in the washing machine (we tell you from experience).

Bonus: hydration and nutrition are key to not running out of batteries.

Do you want to be full of energy?

Then drink water or an isotonic drink every half hour at the most.

To eat every hour if you are going to do a long route.

This way you will not lose strength no matter how many kilometers you ride.

Group of 3 cyclists resting on spring route.

What are the right destinations for spring: recommended bike trips?

Would you ride your bike in the middle of winter on a mountain that you know will be snowy?

Probably not.

Although spring seems more harmless, you should be just as proactive in preparing your routes and choose those most appropriate for the time of year.

These are the bicycle trips that we recommend for this time of the year:

  • San Lorenzo del Escorial, where you can see some of the most important monuments of Madrid. It is incredible to contemplate how the sun illuminates them during the spring days. If you want to discover it, come to this route organized in 2 stages.
  • Manzanares El Real, which allows you to tour the Sierra del Guadarrama in the best season. If you like good food this is your place. You can also visit the Mendoza Castle, the best preserved of the entire community.
  • Chapinería, which is a perfect area if you like to walk along paths with streams. In addition, there is a Special Protection Zone (ZEPA), where you can observe species such as the imperial eagle.
  • Valdemorillo, a town to get lost in its charm. Spring is the ideal time to discover its curious architecture and its cave, which was used as a refrigerator.
  • Valdemanco, which offers one of the most original landscapes. The reason? They are flooded with granite. It is also an excellent alternative if you are passionate about mountain biking.

If you want more top options for this spring, here are some routes and activities you can do this season.

We are waiting for you!


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