Repair kits for bicycles

13 December 2023

Our partners have everything you need to make the most of your cycling trips.

bicycle repair kits

We certainly believe that there are few things better than traveling by bicycle, and we don’t want any small mishap to spoil that experience. That is why we have provided all our associates with a basic repair kit that you can find free of charge in their stores.

So, if you are on a bike route through the Community of Madrid and you are surprised by any of the If you have a small breakdown or need a quick tune-up, go to the facilities of one of the our more than 50 associates (you know that the Association gathers more than 50 members ). Tourist offices, hotels, restaurants, activity companies, you can find them all in our web)

They will be happy to receive you and put the kit at your disposal so that you can solve the problem and continue pedaling without worries.

¿Qué contienen los kits de reparación?

Well, everything you may need to repair minor mishaps can be found in the partners’ repair kits:

  • 1 BETO workshop pump so that you can inflate your bike tires to the correct pressure.
  • Presta valve inner tubes, in 5 different diameters (26″, 27’5″, 29″ and 700X18 and 700X35). With an inner tube, you will be able to continue your ride in case of a puncture or blowout.
  • 1 can of Motorex lubricant spray, to lubricate the transmission.
  • Quick links: Links are the small parts that make up the chain. The “normal” links need a chain link breaker to put them on or take them off, but the quick links are very convenient when you have a problem on the road, because they can be taken off and put on with just your hands. The kit includes a total of 4 types of quick links (IBN 7-8, 9, 10, 11) depending on the number of sprockets on the bike.
  • 1 Ventura Bike-Outdoor toolbox with everything you need (no less than 37 pieces) to repair and maintain bicycles. These tools include different types of Allen wrenches; removable, screwdrivers and other more specific tools for the bike such as chain pullers or chain wrenches.

¿Necesito conocimientos de mecánica para poder usar los kits?

If you are a regular cyclist or if your mishap is simple, you will have no problem to use autonomously the kits that our partners put at your disposal. But keep in mind that the idea is not to avoid going to the workshop for a proper general maintenance of your bicycles, or if your breakdown is more serious and what you need is an immediate visit to a workshop specialized in bicycle mechanics.

Do not forget that among our associates there are several specialized companies that offer, among others, this service, and that our website also has a map where you can see their location to recommend the one that is closest to you.

We hope that everything goes on 2 wheels in your next trip around the Community of Madrid, but it is great to know that there are more and more destinations and companies that are committed to bicycle tourism, and that we will be waiting for you with the kits ready if you need them.

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