Route with children through the Tajuña Greenway

13 December 2023

We announced a few days ago that we were going to write about cycling paths that run along old railway lines, and today it is time to talk about what is undoubtedly the Greenway par excellence in the Community of Madrid: the Vía Verde del Tajuña.

Bicycles and trains have had a very special place in the minds of our grandparents, parents, and in our own, when we were children. Today times have changed a lot, but we are sure that you will love this tour along the old Arganda train route, “the one that whistles more than it walks”. Bikes ready, we are leaving!

¿Por dónde pedaleamos hoy?

Today we visit the southeastern end of Madrid, with the Tajuña River as our travel companion. The Tajuña Greenway has an extension of 49 km that runs between Arganda del Rey (where we can even arrive by subway!) and Ambitealthough for this route with children we propose the stretch between Carabaña y OruscoThe road is about 7 km of pleasant lowland landscapes, very easy to follow thanks to an asphalt road surface of an unmistakable red color.

¿Qué vamos a descubrir?

Today’s route can be a real leap into the past with the help of imagination and above all, a good guide who will tell you about the not so distant years that forged the identity of many towns in Madrid: an industrial past made of quarries and old factories that were nourished by the extraordinary richness of the limestone soils of this area; soils in which also grew the beet that the train was responsible for transporting to the sugar mill where it was processed.

We will approach the old spa of Carabañawhose waters were attributed with almost magical properties, or to the Chavarri power plantThis will make us think about what modernity was like a hundred years ago, of which the train was also the maximum exponent, and which today we are lucky enough to pedal through.

In addition to this section, once again we encourage you to stay in the area to visit other nearby towns, such as Chinchón, Colmenar de Oreja or Villarejo de Salvanés, three of the Villas de Madrid that are only a few kilometers away from where we are. And within the route of the Via itself, you can’t miss the train museum in La Poveda (Arganda del Rey); Morata de Tajuña; Perales de Tajuña and Tielmes.with its impressive prehistoric caves excavated in the plaster walls, or AmbiteIn summer, it offers us a wonderful municipal swimming pool, equipped with amphibious chairs for people with reduced mobility.

As if that were not enough, this Greenway crosses several Protected Natural Spaces, such as the Southeast Regional Park or a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA), which is also part of the Natura 2000 Network.

¿Qué dificultad tiene la ruta? ¿Son pistas de tierra o asfaltadas? ¿hay circulación de vehículos a motor?

The entire Tajuña Greenway is characterized by a route with a gradient of around 600 meters (to see the altimetric profile and much more interesting information, visit here the official Vía Verdes file) asphalted and perfectly recognizable thanks to its red color. However, at some points we drive on tracks open to traffic where we must be very careful, so the section we have selected for our route with children runs completely separated from traffic.

¿Qué duración tiene?

Taking into account that this is a linear route and that at a certain point (Orusco, if you decide to follow our proposal), it will be necessary to pedal back to our starting point, we can estimate the duration of the route in about 2 hours, without stops and at a normal pace with the children.

¿Qué tipo de bicicleta necesitaremos?

With a perfectly conditioned road surface, no specific type of bicycle will be necessary, although touring or mountain bikes may be a good option.

¿Qué servicios puedo encontrar a lo largo de la ruta?

The section we propose runs between 2 villages, Carabaña and Orusco, so you will be very close to anything you might need.

In addition, if you decide to spend the night to enjoy this region of Las Vegas del Tajo, we recommend the rural houses of 2 of our partners: Vega de Tielmes, and Los Tinajones, in Colmenar de Oreja, (you have their contact here).

¿Cuál es la mejor época del año para hacer esta ruta?

To enjoy the landscapes of the vega at their best, spring and autumn are perhaps the most pleasant times of the year.

¿Existen salidas organizadas para hacer este recorrido?

If you feel like pedaling through this southeastern corner of the Community of Madrid, Bike Spain Tours offers organized trips between Aranjuez and Chinchón that will take you through wineries, olive groves and fields. Find out more in our organized trips section.

From Carabaña, you can also access the route marked as part of the Gran Tour Ciclamadrid. It may be too early for the kids to join you, but you have no excuse to continue enjoying Madrid by bike.

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