The Greenways of Madrid: bicycle routes for the whole family to ride and have a great time

13 December 2023

Today we bring you cool, safe and traffic-free places for the whole family to ride a bike.

We encourage you to take the little ones with you on the road. They will learn that there are activities beyond the cell phone and tablet. And they will also be in contact with nature.

But of course, the routes have to be adapted to them.

That’s why we’re here to tell you about an alternative that we love: greenways.

These family-friendly itineraries appeal to us for these reasons:

  • They are short and you can ride them with the kids even if you don’t usually ride a bike.
  • There are hardly any slopes, so you will be at ease.
  • They are well signposted and safe because no cars pass by.

Today we tell you why these routes receive this name, why it is a good idea to do with the family and which are our favorite greenways.

Let’s roll!

Why is this type of route called a greenway and what makes it different from other itineraries?

The origin of these routes is very curious.

These are old railroad tracks that have been adapted for walking and cycling. That is to say, trains no longer pass through these paths (although in some of them there are remains of old stations).

The greenways are designed to be accessible to everyone (including children, the elderly and people with disabilities).

They are the ideal excuse to go out and discover the history, culture and nature of the Community of Madrid. There are many villages and natural enclaves that you are probably missing.

If you’re still thinking about how to convince your family, here’s how to do it.

Family of mother and two girls biking greenway route

Why it is a good idea to take a family route along the greenways of Madrid

We think it’s a great plan for cycling with children.

These are some of the reasons:

  1. It is an opportunity to enjoy incredible natural landscapes. The kids will be amazed and will learn to appreciate nature.
  2. They are safe routes because their trails are separated from the road. In addition, they are very well signposted so you won’t get lost.
  3. It’s fun and a great opportunity to bring the whole family together. Take your camera with you because you will want to capture these moments.

In addition, it never hurts to encourage exercise.

Cycle touring is a great way to keep you and your family active, whether you’re a crasher or don’t normally ride a bike.

There are alternatives for all levels!

And speaking of alternatives, these are the 3 greenways that you can travel in Madrid.

The 3 Greenways in Madrid that we recommend for cycling with the whole family

In Madrid there are 3 greenways totaling more than 70 kilometers.

You can get to know the history, culture and nature of the community without getting off your bike.

We talk about them below.

Guadarrama River Greenway: a top option for beginner families.

This is the shortest greenway.

That’s why we think it’s an incredible option if your family doesn’t bike much, but you want to get into it.

  • Where it is: the road begins next to the large El Soto park in Móstoles, up to the Puente de Hierro over the Guadarrama River.
  • How many kilometers it is: one way it is 5.8 km if you start at the Cercanías Móstoles-El Soto station (5.3 km if you start at Parque del Soto).
  • How to get to Móstoles: suburban line C5, metro line 12 and intercity bus line 521.
  • How to return from Puente de Hierro: bus line 5 and then transfer to line 528, 538, 522 or 524.
  • What places of interest to see:

If you want to know the cultural heritage, you can visit the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de los Santos and the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, in Móstoles.

We also recommend enjoying the incredible views of the El Soto park and we invite you to walk around the lake.

Another of our favorite moments is passing under the Iron Bridge, a 19th century metal structure that was part of the Madrid-Toledo railway network.

Although our favorite site is the Parque Regional del Curso Medio del río Guadarrama, the destination of this greenway. One of the most beautiful natural places in Madrid.

2. Tajuña greenway: the route with the most possibilities

The Tajuña greenway is the route with the most possibilities.

The reason? It extends beyond 50 kilometers. However, not all of the section is recommended to be done with children. Next we are going to tell you about the section we recommend to go with the family.

  • Where it is: the section we recommend to go with the family goes from Carabaña to Orusco.
  • How many kilometers it is: 7 kilometers (it is very easy to follow the red asphalt road).
  • How to get to Carabaña: intercity bus lines 322 and 326.
  • How to get to Orusco: line 326.
  • What places of interest to see:

How we love a natural spot with its river! Once again, this is what we recommend on a route like this (and I’m sure the kids will love it too).

In addition, we invite you to see the altarpiece of the chapel of Santa Lucia (which is one of the most beautiful and colorful in the community) and the church of the Assumption of Our Lady, both in Carabaña.

In Orusco you can see the nine fountains that are fed by the springs, undoubtedly the most emblematic of the village.

Little boy riding his bicycle along the greenway

3. 40-day greenway: for families accustomed to pedaling.

Don’t panic. This greenway is not so called because it takes you 40 days to walk it, but because that is how long it took to build it.

Or so the legend goes…

It is a little longer than the previous ones, so we recommend it if your family has already taken the bike on more occasions (especially the kids).

  • Where: between Carabaña and Estremera.
  • How many kilometers it has: 14 kilometers one way, so we recommend you to do only the one way and return by public transport from Estremera. Although if you want to make a round trip to finish in Carabaña, you can turn around halfway through the route.
  • How to get to Carabaña: intercity bus lines 322 and 326.
  • How to return from Estremera: line 351.
  • What places of interest to see:

One of the most fascinating sites is the historic 16th century bridge over the Tajuña River. The kids usually have fun crossing it.

It is a spectacular trail because you can see birds taking flight, remains of crystallized gypsum around the old track trenches and some of the most beautiful natural scenery.

To get started you only need two things:

  1. You want to pedal and have a great time with your family.
  2. A good bicycle. You can bring your own or you also have the option of renting one that is 100% adapted to you.

We are waiting for you!


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