The Lozoya Natural Trail with children

13 December 2023

This article is the first of a series of information that many of you have asked us for: the best bike routes to do with children in the Community of Madrid. The truth is that going out cycling with the little ones of the house is wonderful, and from the CiclaMadrid Association we hope that these articles will help you to transmit to your children the passion for cycling, culture and nature, and also to infect you with their enthusiasm and to (re)discover with their eyes great places in the Community of Madrid., let’s get started!

children's bicycle Madrid
Photo by Amadablam Aventura

¿Por dónde pedaleamos hoy?

Today we go to the north of the Community of Madrid to enjoy the Lozoya Valley Nature Trail and get to know this part of the Sierra de Guadarrama. It is a fully conditioned path for hiking and cycling. Although the complete Camino is composed of a main route and several complementary itineraries, we recommend a 14km section, from the surroundings of Rascafría to Lozoya, to pedal quietly and make a journey with little slope.

¿Qué vamos a descubrir?

Let’s discover a fairytale valley, the valley of the Lozoya River.. During our tour we will be pedaling surrounded by the Carpetanos Mountains and the Cuerda Larga, enjoying a spectacular landscape (from the valley we will see a succession of mountainous elevations of more than 2000 meters), and with the Lozoya River as a traveling companion.

As if that were not enough, we will cross centuries-old forests and discover constructions built centuries ago, such as the Puente del Perdón bridge and the Paular Monastery. In addition, if we are lucky, we will be able to see some specimens of black vultures or Iberian imperial eagles. A stop at the Environmental Education Center of the Guadarrama National Park near the Puente del Perdón is highly recommended for children to learn while having fun.

¿Qué dificultad tiene la ruta?

Although it is a route where we will circulate immersed in nature, the total conditioning and the gentle slope of the section that we propose makes it perfect for traveling with children. We will ride on dirt roads with a well-settled surface, or on short asphalted connecting sections, with hardly any motor vehicle traffic.

Lozoya Natural Trail by bike also with children
Photo by Rutas Pangea

¿Qué duración tiene la ruta?

It all depends on your pace, the stops you want to make to enjoy the views or the wonderful villages you will find along the way (Rascafría, Oteruelo del Valle, Alameda del Valle, Pinilla del Valle, or Lozoya).

We recommend you to plan your route well to move calmly and enjoy the most; the ideal is to be able to stay overnight at a nearby point and enjoy rural accommodation, gastronomy and the rich ethnographic heritage of the area.

¿Qué tipo de bicicleta necesitaremos?

Due to the characteristics of the road surface, mountain bikes will be the most suitable. It is also worth considering the option of using electric bikes or ebikes, especially if you think you can use the help of the engine to make the journey with little effort.

Several of our partners, close to different points of the route, rent bicycles and other equipment, in case you need it.

Lozoya Road by bicycle with children
Photo by Rutas Pangea

¿Qué tenemos que llevar en la mochila?

The time of the year when we get on the bike, as well as being clear about the characteristics of the stages we have planned, will be key to prepare a good backpack. We suggest that you do not miss these basics: short gloves, sunglasses, raincoat, sunscreen, a snack (fruit or nuts), and of course, water. In addition, the CiclaMadrid Association always recommends the use of helmets.

Check out these other articles of our blog if you want to read more about some tips to prepare your cycling trip, or about what to eat on your cycling trips.

¿Qué servicios puedo encontrar a lo largo de la ruta?

It is clear that a backpack fits what it fits, especially when traveling with children. Around this route you will find a wide range of tourist and services (accommodation, restaurants, activities, tourist information, health centers…) to cover all your needs. In addition, at the end of the article we leave you a list of the services offered by our partners in the environment of the Lozoya Natural Trail.

¿Cuál es la mejor época del año para hacer esta ruta?

Autumn and spring are seasons in which to do this route with the kids is especially pleasant: the weather is mild and the colors displayed by the Sierra, spectacular. But the route is also ideal for summer, for its flat profile and its pleasant route punctuated by shade and water.

¿Existen salidas organizadas para hacer este recorrido?

Yes. If what you want is to relax to the maximum and have a specialized company organize your outing and guide you during the tour, several of our partners offer this possibility. Take a look at the “organized trips” section of our website. We hope you do not miss this great bike route, that you enjoy it very much, and that you are encouraged to leave us a photo or comment on our social networks.

Actividades y servicios de nuestros asociados en el entorno del Camino Natural del Lozoya (toda la información detallada en el aparado “servicios cicloturísticos” de nuestra web):


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