Tips for choosing the best electric folding bike

28 November 2023

A fast, economical and sustainable means of transportation? The electric bicycle.

And, if it is foldable, even better.

You may still have doubts about this means of transport, but it is ideal for getting around the city and cycling.

Discovering Madrid on wheels is a real luxury.

This itinerary is very interesting:

- We answer your questions about electric bicycles.
- We tell you about the advantages of folding electric bikes.
- We explain what you should consider when choosing one.

Let's roll!

What is an electric bicycle and how does it differ from conventional bicycles?

An electric bicycle is a means of transportation that allows you to move around the city in a sustainable way.

It is especially useful in large cities.

How does it differ from conventional ones?

Basically, it has a built-in battery and an electric motor.

These elements allow you to have pedaling assistance to reach your destination faster and tire less. That's why we love it for bicycle touring, a sustainable way to rediscover the city.

One thing to keep in mind is that they are usually designed for asphalt, bike paths and surfaces in good condition.

Dabuti, let's go for more!

What are the advantages of folding electric bicycles?

If an electric bike is foldable, even better.

Here's what we love most about them.

1. They adapt to your physical condition: they do not depend only on pedaling, so the motor can give you a hand if you are tired.
2. It's the fastest way to get around a big city: you can reach up to 25 km/h; you'll be where you want to go in no time.
3. It requires little maintenance if you take care of it: normally the battery should be changed every 6 to 7 years.
4. No need to look for parking: this is a very complicated task in big cities if you move by car or motorcycle.
5. It is a sustainable way to move: it barely emits CO2, one of the gases responsible for global warming.
6. Madrid is completely adapted to bicycles: every day there is a better network of greenways and bike lanes (this way of moving around is the future).
7. They take up little space (unlike conventional ones): you can leave it in any corner of the house, especially if you don't have much room.
8. They are easy to carry: if you go on a trip you can bring it with you or put it in your car.
9. You can take it on the subway and any public transportation.
10. You can pass it to the place of your choice instead of leaving it outside: this way there is less risk of it being stolen.

After telling you why we love them, here are some useful tips on how to choose yours.

Man folding electric folding bicycle

5 useful tips for choosing the best electric folding bike

There is no such thing as the perfect bicycle because each person has different needs and tastes.

But here we have compiled some tips that can help you.

Here we go!

#1 Battery and motor

The more autonomy a battery has, the more expensive and the heavier it is.

It can be useful if you use it daily for commuting or if you make long routes frequently.

In general, a range of 30 kilometers is sufficient, but each case is unique.

As for the motor, the maximum allowed power of folding electric bicycles is 250W, with the aid having to stop at 25 km/h. Any bicycle with a motor that exceeds these characteristics must be registered, you will need a license and you will not be able to use the bike lanes.

#2 Weight and size of the folding electric bike

When choosing an electric folding bike, the size, wheel size and weight of the bike must be taken into account.

The 14- or 17-inch bikes are smaller and more comfortable, but they are also more expensive.

The 20-inch ones are usually more economical.

Regarding the wheels, there are several important considerations here:

- We recommend small wheels (14-16 inches) if you are going to fold it frequently or transfer it to public transport. They are smaller and weigh less, but are more uncomfortable on uneven terrain.
- We recommend medium-sized wheels (18-20 inches) if you are looking for greater stability and driving comfort, even if this means that they weigh a little more; the most commonly used size is 20 inches.

In general, medium tires absorb shocks better and are more comfortable on uneven and bumpy terrain.

However, our recommendation rather than the size is to look at the weight, check that you can carry it easily and get on it to test that you are comfortable.

The normal weight of folding bicycles, without accessories, is about 12 kilos. Below that weight they are considered light bicycles and in this case they are usually made of lighter materials that increase the price.

Our advice: think about the routes you are going to do before making your choice.

#3 Folding mechanism

There are different folding mechanisms.

There are those that have a central fold that allows you to fold the bike in two (usually you also have to lower the saddle).

And also those with a rear folding system.

Our advice is to try them both in the store to see which one you are more comfortable with.

Think of it as a system that you have to become familiar with and that you will use on a daily basis.

It better be comfortable or you'll leave your bike in a corner.

#4 Suspension

Since these bikes are usually used for flat and smooth terrain, suspension is not an essential factor.

However, some do include it.

In this case, we recommend you to choose rear suspension, as your weight will have more impact on the rear wheel than on the front wheel.

Man in the countryside carrying a folding electric bicycle in his hand

Buy or rent your electric bike?

Some people prefer to buy an electric bike because they will use it a lot. They are usually inexpensive and you can find them between 500 and 1500 euros.

You could also buy your electric bike in a second hand market if you don't have the budget, you can follow our tips to buy your second hand bike.

However, you have the option of renting it if you are not going to give it so much trot.

On our website you will find information about places where you can rent them and also about cycling routes in Madrid.

We are waiting for you to hit the pedals.


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